How to Make a Magic Glass Terrarium – 7 Epic Ikea Hacks

“That spectacular glass terrarium will be perfect in my living room.”.  I can picture you standing in front of a stunning design store.

Go for it. Buy it!

Oh, I forgot. Most of the times ‘design‘ translates to ‘foolishly expensive‘.

Maybe you’ll get something similar at Ikea. Modern design without having to break a bank. And boring; notoriously ordinary.

Low-cost and flat versus overpriced and chic.

Continue reading. We’ll help you break the spell and have marvelous unique items for just a few bucks.

The Hackers Way to Stunning Furniture

It’s never been easier, or cheaper, to inject a new lease of life into your home. For need or for fun, many have studied original ways to decorate and repurpose the Swedish superstore’s affordable furniture.

Who are these angels of interior design?

Well, not really angels-rather hackers: the IKEA HACKERS.

Don’t get scared, though. The CIA won’t blacklist you for a renovated kitchen table.

It’s a worldwide community that modifies/repurposes Ikea products only. On, their official blog, you can find brilliant ideas and advice on how to modify Ikea furniture-their self proclamed ‘hacks’. Updated hourly.

Ideas for All Things Interior Design-Affordable, Fun, and Underground

Pax, Billy, Lack, Malm, etc. All the IKEA big stars have undergone a creative makeover.

In the words of Jules Yap, founder of, the hacking of an IKEA product “may be as simple as adding an embellishment, some others may require power tools and lots of ingenuity.”.

Some new uses and smart mods for the Ikea products are insanely genii. The following are gorgeous, too:

  • Hideaway mirror dining table.
  • Billy Bookcases that transforms into Murphy Bed.
  • Ikeakade hidden arcade cabinet.
  • Gottgora lantern to electric lamp.
  • Lego and Ribba key holder.

The raw wood of many Ikea items makes it simple to turn them into original and unusual pieces.

Like the Blanda Matt salad bowl that Robert used to create speaker enclosures. He says, “I wanted to make a pair of speaker enclosures and bought a pair of Ikea Blanda Matt bowls, glued them together then mounted the speaker driver in them.”.

Easy peasy!


Furniture, coffee tables, and loft beds reinvented. And striking lamps and much more.

Fun and innovative ideas.

They make you want to try to customize an Ikea item even if you cannot put a screw into a chair!

To warm up your light bulb, check out the graphic by From the living room to the children’s’ bedroom, 8 easy ideas to update your home.

And don’t forget to submit your finished glass terrarium to You might end up winning the Ikea Hack & Idea of the Year!

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