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Task Management Software – 2018 Best Systems

Task management software is used by project teams or ongoing business teams to organize and manage tasks by handling the status, timelines, priority, update notifications and resource allocation of tasks. Typically, task management software and tools feature task creation, task visualization, notifications, assign resources, compatibility, configurability, scalability, and reporting. Below Read More »

How to Turn a Bad Day Around

From stubbing your toe to going through a disastrous job interview, when your mood sinks it can feel like there’s nothing that can be achieved and no distraction worth your time. If you’re trying to work, or you have other things that need to get done, a positive mindset can Read More »

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10 Haikus About Office Life

Working in an office is a bit like living with your family. You see the same familiar faces and rituals day after day, for better and for worse. From accidental “reply all” to unfaithful Wi-Fi, it is time to celebrate some of the mundane practices that make up the culture Read More »