PMP Certification: Project Human Resource Management Tips

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Project Human Resource Management is the sixth knowledge area of project management.

It gives a project manager tools and interpersonal skills to get the best people for the job and to lead them as a team through a successful project.

Based on chapter 9 of PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition, here you will find:

  • project management graphic of Project Human Resource Management, a usefull reference guide with the best tips to master its core concepts
  • Project Human Resource Management tips — by Project Human Resource Management processes

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Project Human Resource Management Tips

by Project Management Process Group

1. Plan Human Resource Management

  • Project Manager Vs. Functional Manager. On the exam, assume a project manager operates in a matrix organization, unless specifically stated otherwise in the question. Since in a matrix organization the final authority over human resources working on your project lays on the shoulders of the functional manager:
    • the project manager works with functional managers to get on board the staff needed for the project;
    • the functional manager carries out monitoring and controlling activities associated with human resources.
  • Project Manager’s Authority. The level of authority and influence of a project manager when setting up the team organizational structure depends on the type of project environment in which project management takes place – functional, matrix, or projectized.
  • Project Organization Charts Vs. Organization Charts. Organization charts are tools and techniques of human resource management and show roles and relationships of resources on the whole company, included subcontractors and consultants. Project Organization charts are output of human resource management and enlist only positions and interactions of people on the project team.
  • Project Organization Charts Vs. Roles and Responsibilities. Project organization chart shows how team members relate with one another. Roles and responsibilities show who’s responsible for what.
  • Team Skill Sets. A project manager may extract the skill sets needed to perform each phase of the project from the information on the project lifecycle displayed on the project management plan.

2. Acquire Project Team

  • Halo Effect. The biased tendency to pick team members to do a job they may not be good at, just because they are good at jobs – i.e., good at a technology so must be a good PM.
  • Types of Teams. A project team can assume the form of dedicated, part-time, partnership, or virtual team.

3. Develop Project Team

  • Tight Matrix Team. On the exam, synonyms for co-located team.
  • Training Costs. Covered by the project budget if the training is specific to project needs. Covered by the organization if the training will be useful for other projects.
  • Tuckman Ladder. On the exam, synonyms for the stages of team development – forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. If new people join the team or current people leave the team, the team will often go back to stage one – forming.
  • Turnover Rate. A quantitative indicator of a team’s level of motivation and satisfaction.

4. Manage Project Team

  • List of Sources of Conflict. On the exam, you must remember the top 3 sources of conflict in order – 1. schedules, 2. project priorities, 3. resources.
  • Manage Project Team Vs. Develop Project Team. Developing the team is more team-focused. Managing the team is more team member–focused.
  • Managing Vs. Leading. Managing produces key results. Leading influences people purposefully, by establishing direction, aligning people in that direction, and motivating and inspiring.
  • Situational Leadership. Managers using different leadership styles, based on the people and project work they are dealing with.

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