Toilet History: the – Funny – Journey of the White Porcelain Throne Across the Ages

Throughout history mankind has needed somewhere to do his business. No, not the shake hands and discuss dull profit figures kind of business, but the kind of business where you crouch down for a bit and maybe read the day’s newspaper.

However, that gleaming white porcelain throne that currently sits in your bathroom hasn’t always been around for our convenience. What did man do when he sat in a cave suffering from the effects of eating too much sabre-tooth tiger meat? Did Middle Age man really sling it all out in the street?

The history of toilets is probably something you don’t think about when you’re having some alone time, but while it’s not exactly a topic that’s squeaky clean, it’s interesting to see how far we’ve come.

So we’ve delved through the dirty areas of history, sprayed a few cans of air freshener on it and presented it in this colourful charming illustration. Enjoy! [Source: Plumb World. Original post here.]

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