Tips to Start Your Beginner Running Workout

So you have just started with running.

Great! You will not regret it.

Worry just about planning smart the running routine. Begin without haste and with a proper beginner running schedule. It shields you from injuries, loss of confidence and back-to-chair.

Set realistic and safe expectations to keep on running throughout the year.

Choose the Right Style

Below, there are some answers to the most common doubts about a beginner running workout. Go through them and enjoy a year of jogging regularly, with fun and without physical problems. Check out also the graphic from, as a quick reference guide.

Start off slowly and alternate run – walk intervals, or slow – fast running intervals. This method is a great cardio interval training for a beginner runner! Set out to walk for 30 minutes straight. From here, switch to include 10-20 seconds of running workout after every minute of walking. Train every other day and stick to a total of half an hour per running session. Gradually prolong the fast running intervals, by 5-10 seconds.

As for sore legs, it is normal to experience a little pain in muscles and joints during the first runs. But it will pass soon. Simply start with short and slow paced running session and combine run with numerous walking breaks. A comfortable run that raises the heart rate enough to get the blood moving and loosens up the muscles. But does not max you out.

With little time available, even a 10-15 minute beginner running workout improves vitality and mood. It also supports physiological adjustments. At first, the heavy breath decreases. Next, body awareness boosts. Learning about your muscles let you change posture, with less hassle and injuries.

You will feel like run faster and longer, stronger and farther: succeeding! And expect even the desire for joining a race …

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