Tips to Embrace Cold to Try a New Winter Sport

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For a lot of people winter is a season of inactivity. Make a change this year and embrace the cold months as a time to try a new sport!

Northern Europeans have been skating/traveling on frozen rivers and canals for over a thousand years. The first skate blades were of animal bones.

Curling is thought to have started in Scotland during medieval times. In Scotland and Scottish settled areas, curling is known as “the roaring game” because of the sound the stone makes when traveling over the pebbled ice. The game is called “CURLING” after the verb “CURL”, which describes the motion of the stone.

Snowboarding’s popularity is unstoppable! It was the fastest-growing sport in the United States in 2000 and continues to increase in popularity.

Winter is more than just cold feet. Have fun with Tipsographic’s tips on winter sports excitment and timeline of snowboarding, sledding, skiing, curling and blades.

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