Tips to Find Signs of Reactive Attachment Disorder in Kids


Reactive attachment disorder (RAD) is a serious condition in which children do not form healthy attachments with family and/or those taking care of them.

RAD is very rare and is only seen in a small amount of children, but knowing the signs early on could drastically make a difference in that child’s life.

RAD may develop when a child’s basic needs aren’t met and healthy, stable attachments are not made with others. It can happen when a baby or child goes from one caregiver to another.

It is not clear why some babies and children develop RAD and others don’t.

Only a trained physician or psychologist can accurately diagnose reactive attachment disorder.

However, parents can understand what to look for in their child by knowing what signs may be out of the ordinary – like the ones shown in this guide – and eventually consult a healthcare professional. [Source: Sundance Canyon Academy]

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