PMP Certification Exam Prep – Project Scope Management Tips


Project Scope Management is the second knowledge area of project management.

It includes a group of processes that define and control what is and is not included in the project.

Based on chapter 5 of PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition, here you will find:

  • project management graphic of Project Scope Management, a usefull reference guide with the best tips to master its core concepts
  • Project Scope Management tips — by Project Scope Management processes

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Project SCOPE Management TIPS – by Project Management Process Group

Icon titled Project Scope Management Tips Planning Processes Tipsographic1. Plan Scope Management

  • Measurement of Completion of Scope.
    • Completion of product scope is measured against the product requirement.
    • Completion of project scope is measured against the project management plan.
  • Scope Management Plan. The Scope Management Plan is a project plan that tells how scope will be identified, managed and controlled but it doesn’t contain the project scope itself.
  • Meetings. Meetings are an important way to both gather and distribute technical information and build a high-performing team.

2. Collect Requirements

  • Joint Application Design (JAD) Sessions. A JAD is a facilitated workshop that brings together users and development team to define requirements.
  • Completion of Requirements. A project manager is done collecting requirements when each of them will be verifiable once built.

3. Define Scope

  • Iterative Life Cycle. In a project split up into iterations—iterative life cycles, the scope is not developed upfront, but detailed scope of each iteration is defined at the start of every iteration.

4. Create Work Breakdown Structure

  • Missing WBS. Without WBS a project manager cannot complete the planning processes of the project. Therefore, if the exam poses a scenario where the WBS is missing and asks what you should do, you must stop and create the WBS. This is the only exception to the general rule that it is acceptable to continue with the project and develop something in the interim to help a project keep going if something is missing.

Icon titled Project Scope Management Tips Monitoring Controlling Processes Tipsographic5. Validate Scope

  • Validate Scope Process. A project manager should perform the Validate Scope process for every project deliverable, or a group of deliverables, presented to the customer or sponsor.

6. Control Scope

  • Project Management Plan. If the exam enlists the Project Management plan as an input into a process, it implies that more than one subsidiary plan is used in this process.
  • Variance Analysis. Whenever the exam mentions variance analysis as a tool in a process, you should also think about the corresponding baseline that is being checked for the variance.
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