Tipsographic Weekly Roundup: Project Management News, Nov. 25–Dec. 1

This week’s top project management news, analysis, and insights from around the world.
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Project Management News: Here Are the Must Reads for This Week



5 Steps To Greater Agility In Your Organization

Forbes · Nov. 30, 2017

“The proper response to digital disruption is agility. More than simply a single process or methodology, organizational agility is the ability to: Adjust strategies on a continuous basis, Empower employees to make key decisions on challenging pro… READ MORE

Construction Industry


Stuttgart station costs to top $9 billion, faces further delay – source

euronews · Nov. 29, 2017

Revamping Stuttgart’s main train station, part of Germany’s troubled efforts to improve its infrastructure, will cost more than 7.5 billion euros (£6.62 billion) and take a year longer than expected, a member of Deutsche Bahn’s supervisory board said… READ MORE

Government and Public Sector


Helpful lessons from a bungled SAP enterprise resource management case study

The Australian Financial Review · Nov. 28, 2017

Investing would be so much easier if the auditors of publicly listed companies were able to reveal to shareholders the failings of management as happens in the public sector under the watchful eyes of state auditors general. A classic example of man… READ MORE

ICT industry


The Development Diamond: Modelling the Anguish and Despair of Game Production

Gamasutra · Nov. 30, 2017

Last year I was invited by a former colleague to give a talk about project management to game development students at Manchester Metropolitan University. During my career I have held the role of both lead designer and game director, but since I have… READ MORE

Oil and Gas Industry


ExxonMobil’s Hebron Project Ramps Up Offshore Newfoundland

Natural Gas Intelligence · Nov. 28, 2017

The Hebron project, which at capacity could produce up to 150,000 b/d, has ramped up ahead of schedule offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, ExxonMobil Corp. said Tuesday. The Hebron field, discovered in 1980, is estimated to contain more than 700 mil… READ MORE

Project Management Career


What is contract work and is it better than permanent work?

Simply Business knowledge · Nov. 29, 2017

Contract work is increasingly common in a number of sectors, including marketing, IT, and project management. But what does are the benefits of contract work, and how does it compare with permanent employment? Contract work definition Contract work … READ MORE


Fight Burnout and Compassion Fatigue With Lots of Self-care Ideas

Youth Today · Nov. 29, 2017

For years I have sought out with fierce determination conversations, books and articles such as this. Articles with titles like “5 Steps To Wellness,” “7 Must-Have self-care Tips” or “10 Ways for a Healthier You. From peer-reviewed articles to O Ma… READ MORE


Six skills that will help you land your first product management job

Diginomica · Nov. 30, 2017

With the recent and much needed focus on diversity in the technology industry I’m frequently asked – most often by women – how they get their first product manager (PM) job. The path to product management can seem mysterious as there isn’t an obvious… READ MORE

Project Management Tools


Project Portfolio Management Software – 2018 Best Systems

Tipsographic · Nov. 25, 2017

Project portfolio management (PPM) software is a system used by project managers to unify the project management process into a central location. PPM software allows organizations to plan project schedules and budget resources… READ MORE


Online Project Management Software – 2018 Best Systems

Tipsographic · Nov. 26, 2017

Online project management software–or web based project management software and tools–is the collection of programs, processes and information that helps plan, organize, and manage various phases of a project and that is accessible on the Internet… READ MORE


Task Management Software – 2018 Best Systems

Tipsographic · Nov. 27, 2017

Task management software is used by project teams or ongoing business teams to organize and manage tasks by handling the status, timelines, priority, update notifications and resource allocation of tasks. Typically, task management software and tool… READ MORE


Agile Software – 2018 Best Systems

Tipsographic · Nov. 28, 2017

Agile software supports Agile teams executing complex projects by centralizing all project documentation, facilitating the communication and collaboration of team members and other important stakeholders, and assessing and reporting project performan… READ MORE

Secondary Education


Creating Space for Self-Management in PBL: When Teachers Step Back, Students Step Up · Nov. 27, 2017

Educators often look at BIE’s Project Based Teaching Practices and assume it will be their job to manage the learning, to assess all student progress, etc. They are, after all, called teaching practices, which suggests that they are elements controll… READ MORE

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