PMP Certification Exam Prep – Project Integration Management Key Terms


Project Integration Management is the first knowledge area of project management.

It includes a group of processes required to ensure that the various elements of the project are properly coordinated.

Based on chapter 4 of PMBOK® Guide 5th Edition, here you will find:

  • project management graphic of Project Integration Management, a quick reference guide to its key terms
  • Project Integration Management key terms — by Project Integration Management processes

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Project INTEGRATION Management KEY TERMS – by Project Management Process Group

Icon Titled Project Integration Management Key Terms Initiating Processes Tipsographic1. Develop Project Charter

  • Assumptions. Factors that are considered to be true, real or certain without proof or demonstration.
  • Constraints. Factors that limit the project team’s options to complete the project and produce the required deliverables.
  • Opportunity Cost.The benefit ($$$$) lost by selecting another project.
  • Sunk Cost. Money already spent that cannot be recovered.
  • Law of Diminishing Returns. Productivity and resources are not linked in a 1:1 relationship; at some point adding resources does not yield a corresponding increase in productivity.
  • Working Capital. The funds available for use by an organization.
  • Depreciation. Accounts for the fact that assets lose value over time.

Icon titled Project Integration Management Key Terms Planning Processes Tipsographic

2. Develop Project Management Plan

Icon Titled Project Integration Management Key Terms Executing Processes Tipsographic

3. Direct and Manage Project Work

  • Stakeholder. Individuals and organizations involved in or affected by project activities, such as project managers, sponsors, and clients/customers.
  • Project Documents. Documents not part of the project management plan that are used to manage the project such as: Project Charter, Contracts, Agreements, Statements of Work, etc., Work Performance Reports, and Risk and Issue Logs.
  • Kickoff Meeting. First meeting with the project team and the client of the project.

Icon Titled Project Integration Management Key Terms Monitoring Controlling Processes Tipsographic

4. Monitor and Control Project Work

  • Corrective Action. Changes made to bring expected future performance of the project into line with the plan.
  • Preventive Action. An action to ensure the future project performance does not deviate from the project management plan.
  • Defect. An imperfection or deficiency in a project component where that component does not meet its requirements or specifications and needs to be either repaired or replaced.
  • Defect Repair. The action to modify a defective product or product component.
  • Lessons Learned. The learning gained from the process of performing the project.
  • Percent Complete. An estimate, expressed as a percent, of the amount of work that has been completed on an activity or a work breakdown component.
  • Deliverable. A unique and verifiable product, result or capability to perform a service that must be produced to complete a process, phase or project.

5. Perform Integrated Change Control

  • Earned Value Management. A management methodology for integrating scope, schedule and resources and for objectively measuring project performance and progress.
  • Performance Measurement Baseline. An approved plan for the project work against which project execution is compared and deviations are measured for management control.

Icon Titled Project Integration Management Key Terms Closing Processes Tipsographic

6. Close Project or Phase

  • Configuration Identification. Identifying uniquely all items within the configuration.
  • Configuration Status Accounting. Capturing, storing, and accessing configuration information needed to manage products and product information effectively.
  • Configuration Verification and Auditing. Establishing that the performance and functional requirements defined in the configuration documentation have been met.
  • Change Control Board. A small group of stakeholders who will make decisions regarding the disposition and treatment of changing requirements.
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