Tips to Prepare Your Garden for Winter in 5 Easy Steps

You know everyone thinks autumn is deadly limited for gardening, right?

Wrong! The season is delightfully vibrant.

Care for your plants and grass in October: they will flourish and triumph the following spring. Colorful. Lush and productive.

Let’s see how.

Traditional Farmer’s Way for a Winter-proof Yard

When leaves begin to change color, it is time to prepare your garden for winter. You must protect the yard from the devastating COLD, FROST, and HEAVY RAINS.

Shrubs, potted plants, and lawn require simple and essential measures.

#1: Wrap up

Cold and ice will wound tender trees such as lemons and pomegranates. You must tie up and protect them with a layer of all-purpose garden fabric.

#2: Empty

Special extra care for all the water sources.

When cold hits, it can freeze and devastate pipes and control units. Therefore, it is important to protect water attacks against freezing and empty the tubes.

#3: Mow

Before the temperature collapses, mow the lawn one last time and enrich it with winter fertilizer. Your soil will be healthier next springtime.

Once you have taken care of grass, send the lawn mower for a service. It ensures that it is in perfect condition when you need it next spring.

#4: Clean up

“Nature is, above all, profligate. Don’t believe them when they tell you how economical and thrifty nature is, whose leaves return to the soil.
Wouldn’t it be cheaper to leave them on the tree in the first place?” ~ Annie Dillard

It would be cheaper for Mother Nature and less tiring for us (I know, sorry fans of autumn foliage, this article is for gardeners)…

So, clean up the yard.

Then, re-distribute the leaves and plant residues in flower beds with plants more susceptible to frost. The leaf compost prevents also eccessive soil thickening, victim of winter heavy rains.

#5: Move

Cut dead branches and leaves of potted plants. After that, stow them away for the winter, for example in a greenhouse.

Do it yesterday!

Any sudden drop in temperature can catch  you off guard. And adieu! Say goodbye to your green friends. Frozen for good.

Fancy more tips?

As I foretold you, autumn is amazing for the fearless gardener. Weeks of busy excitement. Fight against time to prepare plants and lawn for the wintertime sleep.

Not convinced yet?

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