PMP Certification: Direct and Manage Project Work (based on PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition)

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Direct and Manage Project Work 101

What Does Direct and Manage Project Work Involve and When Do You Perform It in a Project Life Cycle?

  • WHAT Direct and Manage Project Work Is. Direct and Manage Project Work implies executing and completing the work described in the project management plan to produce the deliverables.
  • WHY Direct and Manage Project Work Is Important. Project manager and project team do the actual project management work during the Direct and Manage Project Work process. It absorbs much of the project budget.
  • WHEN Direct and Manage Project Work Is Executed. Direct and Manage Project Work is not a one-time process throughout the whole project. As a matter of fact, project manager and project team perform the Direct and Manage Project Work process any time they create deliverables, repair defects in deliverables, or make sure any change in the project management plan is reflected in the deliverables.
  • HOW Direct and Manage Project Work Operates.
InputsTools and techniquesOutputs
  1. Project management plan
    • Any component
  2. Project documents
    • Change log
    • Lessons learned register
    • Milestone list
    • Project communications
    • Project schedule
    • Requirements traceability matrix
    • Risk register
    • Risk report
  3. Approved change requests
  4. Enterprise environmental factors
  5. Organizational process assets
  1. Expert judgment
  2. Project management information system
  3. Meetings
  1. Deliverables
  2. Work performance data
  3. Issue log
  4. Change requests
  5. Project management plan updates
    • Any component
  6. Project documents updates
    • Activity list
    • Assumption log
    • Lessons learned register
    • Requirements documentation
    • Risk register
    • Stakeholder register
  7. Organizational process assets updates

Source: PMBOK® Guide, 6th ed., Chapter 4, section 4.3, p. 90.

Direct and Manage Project Work Key Terms

What Are the Key Terms to Fully Understand the Process of Direct and Manage Project Work?

  • Change Requests. Most of the change requests resulting from Project Quality Assurance would be procedural changes.
  • Issue Log. A document that lists and describes any open item that needs to be addressed and its status.
  • Kickoff Meeting. The first meeting held with project team and customer before project execution activities start.
  • Lessons Learned. The knowledge gained from the process of performing the project.
  • Milestone List. A list of significant points or events in the project.
  • Project Documents. Documents not part of the project management plan used to manage the project – e.g., project charter, contracts, agreements, statements of work, work performance reports, risk and issue logs, and so on.
  • Requirements Traceability Matrix. A grid that links product requirements from their origins to the final product or service of the project.
  • Risk Register. The documented list of all identified risks on the project and their characteristics.
  • Stakeholder. Any individual, group, or organization involved in or affected by project activities, such as project manager, sponsor, and customer.

Direct and Manage Project Work Tips

What Are the Best Tips to Answer Correctly the PMP Cerification Exam Questions on Direct and Manage Project Work Process?

  • Direct and Manage Project Work. If the PMP exam mentions “direct and manage project work”, it may not mean the entire executing process group, but it may refer to the integration piece of executing.

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SOURCES: Project Management Institute (2017). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). 6th ed. Newtown Square: Project Management Institute. Project Management Institute (2016)

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