PMP Certification: Develop Project Management Plan (based on PMBOK® Guide, 6th Edition)

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Develop Project Management Plan 101

What Is a Project Management Plan and When Do You Need It in a Project Life Cycle?

  • WHAT Develop Project Management Plan Is. Develop Project Management Plan implies defining, preparing, coordinating, and then integrating all the subsidiary project plans into a single document, the project management plan.
  • WHY Develop Project Management Plan Is Important. The project management plan is the master document that points to everyone what needs to happen when they perform the project work.
  • WHEN Develop Project Management Plan Is Executed. The project manager outlines the project management plan progressively – not all at once – after the subsidiary plans from the other knowledge areas are completed.
  • HOW Develop Project Management Plan Operates.
InputsTools and techniquesOutputs
  1. Project charter
  2. Outputs from other processes
  3. Enterprise environmental factors
  4. Organizational process assets
  1. Expert judgment
  2. Data gathering
    • Brainstorming
    • Checklists
    • Focus groups
    • Interviews
  3. Interpersonal and team skills
    •  Conflict management
    • Facilitation
    • Meeting management
  4. Meetings
  1. Project management plan

Source: PMBOK® Guide, 6th ed., Chapter 4, section 4.2, p. 82.

Develop Project Management Plan Key Terms

What Are the Key Terms to Fully Understand the Process of Developing Project Management Plan?

  • Project Management Plan. The formal document that coordinates all project planning documents guiding project execution and control.

Develop Project Management Plan Tips

What Are the Best Tips to Answer Correctly the PMP Cerification Exam Questions on Develop Project Management Plan Process?

  • Gantt Chart. The Gantt chart is a scheduling and communication tool, not the project management plan.

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SOURCES: Project Management Institute (2017). A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). 6th ed. Newtown Square: Project Management Institute. Project Management Institute (2016)

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