How to Choose Your Perfect Christmas Tree and Keep It Fresh

Have you ever picked up the wrong real Christmas tree?

A mass of needles on the floor, day after day.

Till the pine tree looses all the green, the naked brown branches have only decorations on, and you raise the white flag: half way the holiday season, trip to the local recycling and disposal station.

It happened to the best of us, rite of passage to festivehood.

Follow the easy tips from this article, and your real Christmas tree will fit your living room like a glove, bright emerald color and enchanting resinous fragrance well through December 25.

Let’s start…

How to Select the Best Real Christmas Tree Ever

Choosing real Christmas trees requires a bit of planning. Before you head to conquer your gorgeous pine tree, be sure you checked these important tips:

  • BUY YOURS EARLY—select your tree before the best ones are gone!
  • MEASURE— note down the height and width of the space you have dedicated to the tree for a perfect fit.
  • AVOID HEAT— choose a spot away from heat sources, TV’s fireplaces & radiators.
  • FRESHNESS— look for a healthy, green appearance with flexible needles.
  • FULL OF MOISTURE— find a tree which has been recently cut as opposed to one imported from overseas, for a longer lasting tree.
  • BASE CHECKS— make sure the trunk is straight & 6-8 inches long, so the tree will fit into a stand comfortably.
  • PYO FARMS— check out what is available from Pick Your Own farms for the freshest trees.
  • IF IN DOUBT— ask the retailer about the tree’s source, freshness and cutting time.

Looking forward to embracing the spirit of the season? Opt for charitable lots or else get an extra tree for a family in need or for an organization that finds it the right home.

It’s that time of the year we give more. I feel jolly too, and I want to share with you some easy tips to make your real Christmas tree last longer…

Read on!

How to Keep Your Perfect Christmas Tree Fresh Longer

While you may want your fresh tree to last well into the New Year, it actually doesn’t take more than a few days of heat and neglect to dry it out, for big or small Christmas trees alike.

With proper care, most trees stay fresh and smell good for at least 5 full weeks, if not more!

Here’s how:

  • BRING THE OUTSIDE IN— leave your tree outside for as long as possible before bringing it in to decorate.
  • REJUVENATE— make a fresh cut at the trunk base about 13-25mm thick. This allows water absorption & reduces the needle drop.
  • STRONG AND STABLE— use a water-holding stand for a stability boost. This also supplies the tree with a water reservoir.
  • NO MORE NETTING— remove the netting as soon as possible. It builds up the heat, causing the needles to drop.
  • REFINE THE LOOK— remove any unsightly lower branches, but don’t throw them away. Save these & make fan-shaped decorations.
  • HYDRATION— a cut tree can easily drink 500ml a day so keep the reservoir topped up.

It takes 7 years, on average, for a tree of typical height (6 to 7 feet) to grow.

A few minutes for you to choose the best Christmas tree on the block.

A couple of hours to keep it fresh and fragrant.

Of the three, the last two are a piece of cake with the smart tips you’ve just learned. But then, why stopping?

Jump to the next level to master Christmas tree picking. Find out the most popular Christmas tree varieties on the graphic below from Amara…

Check out other great tips to decorate your Christmas tree:

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