Microsoft Project 2016 – Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

You crave for using Microsoft Project 2016 faster, right?

Well, take advantage of keyboard shortcuts. Easy and time saver by definition, they are your number one choice.

Like you, I always search for new tricks to optimize our workflow efficiency.

Why not to push things even further, then?

I’m excited to share with you the essence of the most useful Project 2016 keyboard shortcuts. 15 combinations selected with love and squeezed into a single graphic.

Bookmark it and use it as a quick reference when building and working with a Project schedule.

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Microsoft Project 2016 – The 15 Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts

A quick and easy reference to the most important keyboard shortcuts on Microsoft Project 2016.

Basic file managementPC
Create new projectCtrl + n
SaveCtrl + s
PrintCtrl + p
Move in project viewPC
Move to beginning of projectAlt + Home
Move to end of projectAlt + End
Move timeline to the leftAlt + ←
Move timeline to the rightAlt + →
Use timeline viewPC
Open task information dialog boxShift + F2
Select and edit in sheet viewPC
FindAlt + Home
Outline projectPC
Hide subtasksAlt + Shift + –
Show subtasksAlt + Shift + +
Indent taskAlt + Shift + →
Outdent taskAlt + Shift + ←
Use timescalePC
Show smaller time unitsCtrl + /

Note: Keyboard shortcuts for Microsoft Project 2016 work differently on PC and Mac computers.

Software developers usually make both PC and Mac options available. Sadly, it hasn’t been the case for Project 2016, so I designed the cheat sheet for PC users only.

Indeed, I found out that Office® support states that “Many of the shortcuts that use the Ctrl key on a Windows keyboard also work with the Control key in Office 2016 for Mac. However, not all do.”. Moreover, the official Microsoft® tutorial “Create a Custom Keyboard Shortcut for Office 2016 for Mac,” doesn’t mention Project 2016.

If I missed something here, please update us to It’d be very much appreciated.

In any case, Mac project managers, we’ll catch up with you with many more epic tips, promise!

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