2017 Top 5 Logo Design Trends – and the Sexiest Treat of the Year

“Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything transforms.” ~ Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier, father of modern chemistry

After fluid dynamics, mechanics, and chemistry, the law of conservation of mass will apply to graphic design, too, in 2017.

If logo design is your bread and butter, then you better brush up on 2015 and 2016 trends—nothing new on the horizon for the next 12 months or so.

But for a tiny bubble rising to the surface…

You Can Run, but You Can’t Hide from These Logo Design Trends in 2017

The importance of a logo lays in the complex idea that the designer wants to convey in a single image.

As forecast by logo and graphic design company CREATO in the infographic below, we can expect designers to help brands tell these stories in the following 5 ways during 2017—plus one vibrant novelty…

Trend #1: Minimalism

The company’s brands that get straight to the point without any other clutter that could be distracting to the consumer have held for many years.

In 2016, minimalism evolved into form simplification, by which simpler designs replaced visually busy images—such as Mastercard and Airbnb rebrands. If logo and branding trends are any indications, there will be a lot of room for this further step to cleanliness in 2017.

Trend #2: Hand-Drawn

Apples and oranges with the minimal style, logo designs that are set to take center stage in 2017 are those hand-drawn.

Many still love the lighter look and personal appeal of a hand-drawn logo. Yet, the less purists use a “hybrid” of drawn and flat art, that makes the trend versatile and flexible.

Trend #3: Vintage

As the nostalgia bandwagon keeps on playing around, also the resurgence of “vintage” logos has jumped on it.

Old encyclopedia-style imagery combines with retro shapes and fonts for a logo design that smells of wet ground, hot coffee, and apple pie. Again, contemporary flat styles have contaminated this classic style and polished off the familiar shapes of older logos. A fresh vibe on traditional flavor.

Trend #4: Negative Spaces

Just as psychological theories already permeates the designers’ choice of colors, shapes, and fonts, so Gestalt theory and how our brains extract meaning out of seeming chaos will conquer 2017.

Use it to form additional shapes and images; use it to create optical illusions. “Negative space” is nothing more than space without content. The NBC peacock its classic example. The Pinterest pin-shaped “P” its most recent frontrunner.

Trend #5: Line Art

We’ll see logos made of single, monotone lines throughout 2017 and, most likely, far beyond.

A trend initiated in 2015 from flat design, single line work widespread because of its crisp, artisan look without the clutter. Tested especially in the coffee and food industries and small boutiques and salons, it’s versatile enough to fit a much wider market—as long as you can scale it small enough.

Feel like Deleting Your CS6 Account and Moving to Nepal Unless Something New Comes up in 2017? A Sexy Treat for You…

Innovators, do not despair! There is a big, big promising novelty at the horizon: animated logos.

Now that online based companies are part of the norm and logo printability is less of a concern, animated logos are growing in popularity. The culprit, Mountain View; exhibit one, its last trumpeted logo redesign. Google’s dots undulate, stretch, spin, and shake, screaming for our attention. And guess what? They got it superbly.

So, find a way to set your After Effects preferences to auto launch cause, sure as God made little green apples, you’ll need it more than ever in the months to come.

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