Life Odds You Didn’t Expect: Anything Is Possible in Your Life


If life has one rule, it’s that anything is possible. One thing that we know for sure is that life is always unpredictable. No matter how much we try control it, there will always be some situations that will manage to surprise us.

However, life odds are not as difficult to calculate as you might think, even on strange events. If you’ve ever wondered what the likelihood of meeting your future life partner at a New Year’s Eve party is, or what your odds of dying while on a mission in a space shuttle are, look no further.

Thanks to some back-of-the-envelope math, here are 10 funny and strange events that you lust might encounter in life.

Remember these great odds and let Lady Luck do her thing. But, do not leave everything in her hands. You need to give her a little push. [Source: Poker Stars. Original post here.]

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