Learning to Learn Quicker in 25 Little Leads

Do you ever feel thirsty for knowledge?

And yet, is your brain exhausted? Knowledge to further career or education, to deepen leisure interests, and to follow current affairs: such an awful lot to process—not to mention the ever more inventive sources of distractions.

Don’t worry!

When it’s time to absorb quickly a new topic—be it for a test or a meeting or an interview or a somebody you want to impress—use the streamlined tips below to separate the signal from the noise.

Why Haven’t You Used These Killer Tips to Learn Faster Yet?

Repeat over and over again: if there’s no deadline—I must not rush!

No matter how difficult or long the learning process you have to face, whenever you spread it over several sessions and review time and again, information is there to stay. Give yourself plenty of time to soak up information before a deadline, first golden rule of accelerate learning.

Head on top, also other pieces need your care—second key point for active learners—for your body is a complex machine, and the brain is just one organ of many: to keep it relaxed, healthy and malleable, it’s imperative you look after your physical welfare.

Take yoga, for example. The more you bend and breath, the less you suffer brain tricks like errors in memory or perception. Buy the spongy highway to remember the names of the Seven Dwarfs that is a yoga mat, second piece of advice to memorize things fast.

Stay Thirsty, Stay Quick

Learning to learn is a precious skill school forgets to teach students, far too often.

So it was for me, that, while the years of formal education flowed, I kept on waiting for a kind-hearted to mentor me about knowledge acquisition. Till, after most of my textbooks got red from rivers of A+ sweat, as a Ph.D. student, I finally went through a Himalayan amount of material on the art of speed learning; on my own, of course.

Thankfully, you don’t have to go through the same hell! The following graphic hands 25 powerful speed learning tools to you on a silver platter.

Tips #7: once done with a chunk of your learning schedule, reward yourself . Well, what better treats than these 3 master tips to boost your brain power? Don’t be shy, serve yourself and enjoy!

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