Jira: Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Atlassian’s JIRA lets you work smarter, instead of harder.

Enough for loving it, it also includes a wide range of keyboard shortcuts.

You can, for example, invoke shortcut actions to quickly switch between Issue Navigator and View Issue screens, create and edit issues, or add comments.

If, like me, you’re passionate about collaborating better and managing projects more easily, check out the graphic below.

It lists 16 JIRA keyboard shortcuts you need to remember to cut down on your clicks.

Bookmark it and practice as much as you can.

In no time, you’ll see productivity and focus skyrocketing inside of JIRA!

Image titled Jira 2016 Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Jira – The Most Handy 16 Keyboard Shortcuts

A quick and easy reference to the most important keyboard shortcuts on JIRA.

Global operationsPC
Go to Dashboardg, then d
Browse to Projectg, then p
Find Issuesg, then i
Create Issuec
Navigating IssuesPC
View Selected Issueo or Enter
Next Issuej
Previous Issuek
Next Activityn
Previous Activityp
Search For Issuesu
Switch Filter Viewt
Detail View Order Byy
Issue ActionsPC
Edit Issuee
Assign Issuea
Assign To Yourselfi

Note: The official  Atlassian Documentation states that “You may not have permission to perform all the keyboard shortcut actions described on this page. This depends on how your JIRA administrator(s) have configured permissions for your user account.”. A thoughtful warning, more than a disclaimer, by the folks at Atlassian.

Moreover, while Global Keyboard Shortcuts are available from any JIRA screen, Issue Keyboard Shortcuts are available from JIRA’s “View Issue” and “Issue Navigator” screens only.

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