Funny Wedding Ceremonies: 6 Unexpected Stereotypes

Everybody loves weddings. Being reunited with estranged friends and relatives, eat free food, drink free booze, and possibly witness other people make a fool of themselves whether on the dance floor are just some of the many fun perks that goes with a wedding invite.

And, even more so when the couple about to tie the knot belongs to one of these stereotypes: rednecks, hipsters, gamers, sports fans, non-conformists, and gangsters.

Such pop subcultures can influence hilariously the whole wedding ceremony, from how the bride and groom looks like, to the couple entourage, as well as vow, reception dinner, party, and wedding favors.

Have a laught with this largely exaggerated picture of funny wedding ceremonies in the United States! [Source: Brilliance. Original post here.]

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