How to Build Muscle Mass with 40 Common-sense Tricks

The great thing about sports research is that each year it provides us with improvements in training.

Although some fitness fads lack staying power, generally the new research findings keep us out of a rut and help us enhance our performance.

Here are 40 easy tips and tricks that can help you build muscle faster, by the team at Skynny2Fit.

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Build a Strong, Healthy, Muscular Body With These Simple Rules

The real way to a six-pack

From what to eat, how much to lift, and how much rest you need, let’s warm up with some of the 40 best laws for muscle building.

Eat More Protein

It can help repair that broken muscle tissues after working out, enduring you start to experience muscle mass gains. It is so filling, so will help keep you feeling full without the extra calories.

Eat Protein Every Four Hours 

To ensure you get enough protein into your body daily. You need to make sure you do not leave too much time between protein’s consumption. Make an aim for consuming 30 grams of protein every 4 hours.

Eat For Volume

This means you should eat high volumes of food but not those full of calories. Aim for eating nutrient dense food not calorie dense foods, like cabbage, spinach, lettuce and broccoli.

Drink More Water

When you are dehydrated, you will likely experience both physical and mental exhaustion.

Take a Multivitamin

To ensure you are not lacking in any essential nutrients and to boost your overall health then a multivitamin is suggested.

Don’T Drastically Cut Fats

Fats provide energy to your body, so don’t drastically cut them even when trying to become leaner. Essential fats includes those found in whole grains, seeds, nuts, and fish.

Save Starchy Food For Post-Workout

For most of the time your carbohydrates in take should be made of low glycemic foods like green vegetables, fruit, and beans. Post workout should include other simple carbs as they can aid recovery and muscle growth.

Cut Out Unplanned Snacks

If you didn’t plan to eat then don’t eat. Those snacks can ruin your efforts. I am talking about junk foods.

Prepare Meals In Advance

If you lead a busy life, It can’t be easy to miss important meals. By preparing in advance this won’t become such an issue.

Get some Sleep

If you sleep too little or for too long this can negatively affect your training. Try to aim for a period between 7-9 hours for optimum sleep.

Lift Heavy

To challenge your body and to build muscle and strength then you need to lift heavy.

Focus on your Actions

Rather than stress out about aspects of your training that you have no control over, focus your attention on the things that you can change.

Continue reading the graphic below for the remaining tricks to gaining muscle mass.


Published by: Skinny2Fit

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