5 Skills That Will Save Your Job from Robots. For Now

The robot are coming for your job, but they can’t tell if you are upset with your boss or bursting with joy for a promotion. They can’t get in your shoes, either. Not yet.

Humans have a big, fat advantage over bots.

We are able to relate to others, to understand what they are going through. We are after all emotion…

As 71% of top managers find emotional intelligence (EI) more important for business than IQ, working on your people skills can be your smart move to get hired in a new company, cope better with work stress, or become more productive. (Freedman, 2014)

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES)—the world’s largest tech exhibition, held in Las Vegas—so-called “emotional” robots like Honda’s 3E-A18, Blue Frog Robotics’ Buddy, and Omron Automation’s Forpheus shown attempts to become more human-like by acquiring “emotional intelligence” and empathy. One CES exhibitor offered a promise of going further than the current devices by developing an “emotion chip” which can allow robots to process emotions in a manner similar to humans.

Developing emotional intelligence in robots is a long haul, though, melding the use of computer “vision” to interpret objects and people and creating software that can respond accordingly. Employees, from lower ranks to C-suits, need to be adaptable, responsive, and emotional intelligent. Now.

The graphic below shows how to develop your emotional advantages on bots.

Read on!

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