Tips for Your Internet Security

Ransomware 101: What, How, and Why

Ransomware is a serious security threat that has data-kidnapping capabilities. It limits access to files or system functions, or even render systems totally useless. Then it forces victims to pay ransom to regain access to their files/systems. All it takes is one step to protect yourself against ransomware: block ransomware with a security solution that Read More »

A Very Monty Python Guide to Email Spam Filters and Blacklists

Published by: NovaStor TIPS FOR: email, spam, email spam, email spam filters, spam filter, filter, filters, email blacklists, spammers, spammers, inboxes, inbox, junk folder, spam folder, blacklist providers, IP address, spam, monty python, blacklist, blacklists, domain, domains, gmail, ip-based blacklist, domain-based blacklist, spamassassin, spambayers, amavis, email, emails, email etiquette, red Read More »