Business Professional Attire Checklist, Printable

How do you know what to wear when a business professional attire is required?

Here’s how to choose the right outfit to master a professional style.

And don’t forget to download the free printable checklist!

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Business Professional Dress Code Checklist

What to wear at interviews

Business Attire for Interviews for Women

  • Suit – solid color (navy, black, or dark grey), conservative
  • Suit skirt – below or above the knee
  • Blouse – coordinated with suit
  • Pantyhose – neutral colored
  • Shoes – neutral colors, conservative
  • Jewelry – moderate, No dangling earrings or arms full of bracelets, no cheap jewelry
  • Hairstyle – neat, professional
  • Nails – clean, neatly manicured
  • Makeup – light
  • Perfume – little or nothing
  • Portfolio or briefcase.

Business Attire for Interviews for Men

  • Suit – solid color (navy, black, or dark grey), conservative
  • Shirt – solid color (white or color coordinated with the suit), long sleeve
  • Belt – leather
  • Tie – conservative
  • Socks – dark
  • Shoes – leather, conservative
  • Hairstyle – neat, professional
  • Nails – trimmed
  • Cologne or aftershave – limited amount
  • Portfolio or briefcase

Download the Printable Business Professional Attire Checklist

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